Robert Marnika is a passionate artist.

He strongly believes everyone should be able to express his own creativity and passions through art because this is what adds life to life.

Art is a way for everyone to contribute for the greatest good of our planet.

He is a photographer with over 25 years experience in a range of photographic styles: from fine art prints and portraits to landscapes and social photography. He has also dedicated much of his career to teaching darkroom techniques and artistic photography.

Robert has always been a researcher, someone who would use the camera as a way of catching the here and now, exploring the outer world as an extension of his inner world.

He has done many years of personal experimental work in the darkroom for which he has been awarded in various international competitions.  The one that means the most to Robert is his first prize for his “Fragments of a memory” collection at the Photography Festival in Rome in 2006. The work was mainly done in a darkroom using images from the war years in Croatia, where he was directly involved in the early 90’s.

In 2009, Robert published a book, Fragments of memory, exploring the concept of memory in relation to those tragic war years.

Teaching for him has been a way to share his talents and inspire people to photograph the things or situations that were inspiring them.

Robert’s huge passion for nature brought him to run intensive digital & analogue photography workshops for more than 15 years in different countries:

– unique and pristine islands in Croatia (his native land) where he mainly taught principles of  Black&White photography and ways to create personal photographic portfolio

–  Italy and Spain, with digital photography, often choosing little natural realities where to share these experiences with local communities.

Now, recently moved to Australia, he is preparing new adventures to offer to his students in the magic of the outback.

He particularly enjoys this way of teaching because he loves having enough time to spend with his participants,  in amazing contexts, in order to optimize their knowledge, assuring an optimal level of learning and fun at the same time!

He either works by himself during the workshops or chooses to work in team with other professionals to run specific projects, such as Photography and Meditation led together with his partner and yoga teacher Simonetta Togliani, and Photo-Walking Workshops at Canary Islands (like the next project) with the collaboration of Paolo Cossovel and Enrica Baudino (atlantidea.net).

In recent times, his work has received numerous recognitions, with more than 40 international exhibitions, and he continues to develop his interests in art photography.

Based in Melbourne, he exhibits in various galleries and enjoys teaching different fields of photography, as well as advanced B&W printing techniques.

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Enrica and Paolo share an amazing love for nature, hiking and spending time in untouched areas and traveling. These shared passions brought them together in 2000 in the vast Libyan desert. Their journey that brought them to El Hierro was love at first sight, just as their love was!

El Hierro has completely captivated them, inspiring them to participate in its programs for sustainable development which includes tourism.

So, the idea of sharing their enthusiasm gave birth to Atlantidea, which offers hiking tours along the island’s trails and connects their experience, passion and attitude in a common project …

Paolo is a Guide Interpreter of the Trails, Environmental Education Monitor, Hikes Technician and Environmental Tourism Technician with a passion for nature and geology.

Enrica is an Official Canaries Tourist Guide, an Environmental Education Monitor and shares the passion for nature and geology in addition to the interest in the study of the plants of the island.




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  • El Hierro, Canary Islands

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