In general, the Canary Islands are considered as having the best climate in the world due to the spring-like weather all year round, that is mild winters and warm summers with an annual average temperature between 19° and 26° Celsius.

The variety of atmospheric conditions on such a small island is incredible: spectacular cloud movements, mantle of thick fog, persistent winds alternate with stunning rainbows and blue skies.
The Trade Winds, which come from the north-east, arrive filled with water, and condense against the steep slopes of the mountains on the north side, causing an unusual phenomenon of horizontal rain.

The south side, protected by winds, offers a warmer climate with rare precipitations.

The Saharan winds are warm and dry and can blow in every season of the year, making the atmosphere cloudy because of the sand brought with them from the desert, but they are relatively rare, and rarer still in the  eastern islands of the Canaries, given the greater distance from the African continent.

The regular changes of the weather allow us to experience different situations in the same day, according to where we are in the island and therefore, from a photographic point of view, with the light changing all the time, it is an experience definitely not to miss!



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  • El Hierro, Canary Islands

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