The smallest of the Canary Islands is the heart shaped El Hierro.

This ancient place, located at the most southwestern point of Spain, has an amazing diversity of scenery and landscapes and is where our journey begins. Primitive forests, volcanoes sculpted by lava and covered in lichen, ocean waves constantly ravaging the black basalt rocks of the coastline, these are only few of the wonders that you will admire in this little paradise.
Experiencing this unique island will feel like you are part of the land.

El Hierro, the smallest of the Canary Islands, also called “Isla Chiquita”, (the little island), is located at the most southwestern point of Spain, and offers an amazing diversity of scenery and landscapes far away from conventional tourist areas.

Measuring 30 kilometers from one end to the other, it is relatively young geologically, reaches an altitude of 1500m and has the greatest number of volcanoes in the Canaries, with more than 500 visible cones and over 300 covered by more recent eruptions.

The combination of height, island orientation and presence of Trade Winds creates a variety of micro-climates so that El Hierro is known as a miniature continent.

You will see the surprising diversity of forests and landscapes, where thick mantles of fog and spectacular cloud movements alternate with stunning rainbows and blue skies.

Our workshops create the opportunity to take photos of all these ecosystems.

You will feel like you are in a fairy tale. Walking in the forests of  Laurisilva, with native trees very often immersed in eerie fog and covered by long moss or while crossing the massive forest of huge Canarian pine trees, or again while observing the astonishing shapes of the juniper trees, modified by the winds.

The lush greens morph into lunar volcanic landscapes, where the only living things are the lichens, and where the different shaped lava creates stunning sculptures.

All around us there is the ocean with the impetuous sound of the waves beating against cliffs showing an ancient strength, a stunning beauty.

We will visit picturesque little villages, meet locals and visit Artisans who will show us their trade secrets.


El Hierro was designated by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve in the year 2000 and Geopark in 2014, with 60% of its territory protected to preserve its natural and cultural diversity.

A Biosphere Reserve is a territory that holds particular environmental value. It represents a stable and developing community which has decided that social and economic advances must take into consideration the environmental resources that sustain it.

A Geopark is a territory with a significant geological heritage of scientific value, uniqueness or educational merit, besides other cultural and natural heritage elements. These territorial values are managed using a strategy tried and tested in 30 different countries, which is based on local sustainable development. For these reasons, a Geopark is not just a geological park or another figure of territorial protection, nor does it signify more restrictions on economic development. It is considered to be a new model for socio-economic development in rural areas.


Being located on the far west of the archipelago, El Hierro was believed to be the end of the western world until Columbus discovered America. Before the Greenwich Meridian was established in 1884, the Prime Meridian was located at “Punta de Orchilla”, on the western tip of the island, marking the midway point between the east and west of the planet.




The El Hierro Wind-Hydro power Station, a project completed by Gorona del Viento, El Hierro S.A aims to cover the electricity consumption requirements of the Island of El Hierro with energy from renewable sources. To do so, a hydro-wind system has been designed and constructed, interconnected with the current electrical system, made up of a wind farm, a hydraulic plant, a pumping station and two water deposits.

This hydro-wind power plant aims to make El Hierro the first Canary Island capable of supplying its own electricity with its own renewable resources, thus becoming a global success story in terms of implementing an innovative, efficient and sustainable energy model.


On the first Saturday in July, every four years, El Hierro celebrates its most important festival called “Bajada de la Virgen” (descent of the Virgin) in which the statue of the “Virgin of Los Reyes” (patron of the island) is carried in procession down from the shrine to Villa de Valverde (the capital). This is an arduous and joyous journey of 28.7 km.

The Virgin is accompanied by dancers dressed in traditional red and white costumes, and multi-coloured hats, and to sounds of drums and the castanet percussion of “chácaras.”

This is an event celebrated by the entire island where thousands of people gather.
It lasts for the whole month during which the image of the Virgin visits the most important towns in the island, with lots of celebrations, and usually on the first Saturday of August it is taken back to its shrine (Subida de la Virgin).
This four-year event will next occur in 2021!




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