Photoevolution has decided to run the 4th edition of these workshops, after the success of the previous experiences in this magnificent island and always with the precious collaboration of the professional local guide tours living in El Hierro (


Photography helps us to understand ourselves and the world around us in a deeper, more intimate way. The camera becomes the eye through which we develop awareness.

It is not the number of shots that matters, it’s the reason behind the shots, the quality of the choice, the sensations and emotions we are feeling while observing.

We walk, immersed in the amazing natural scenery of El Hierro and we become part of the landscape with the camera as our tool to experience this connectedness.

Every day, and sometimes every hour we get to discover new perspectives. Slowly we become more connected and familiar with the energy of this Island.

Each day, Robert will inspire you with:

  • indoor lessons
  • on-site instructions
  • commentary and feedback sessions
  • image reviews
  • how to create your own photographic portfolio

You will extend your knowledge in all aspects of photography, including:

  • vision
  • composition
  • technique
  • post-processing
  • workflow
  • manage light according to different weather conditions
  • night photography etc…


We like to work with small groups, from 5 (minimum) to 8 (maximum), so we can devote one-on-one attention to each and every participant.  The group platform also promotes great social interaction and connection, with shared ideas, images, and learning as a cohesive group.

This number includes photographers and partners/spouses who are more than welcome to walk with us and explore the beauty of the island, same rates apply.




Our walks are guided by Paolo and Enrica, both professional Environmental Educators and tour guides living on the island. We will be lucky enough to get to know them and to share their amazing passion for nature and geology.

This ancient island used to be walked over every day by farmers and villagers. The paths are therefore well marked and we ask that everyone remains on the marked paths to preserve this heritage area.

The easy to moderate level of walking makes this workshop suitable for everyone, though some easy preparation walks should increase your enjoyment. Don’t forget to wear good walking shoes and to bring photographic equipment that is comfortable to carry.

The length of the walks vary according to the program, but it is roughly between 3 to 7 km each day.

We will go together by car at the beginning of the paths, and will be picked up at the end of the walks so that there is no need to re-walk the same way to go back,  plus our vehicle will be available at various points of the route with water and snacks.

Robert, Paolo and Enrica are passionate about the environment, dedicated to their jobs and embody strong ethics and beliefs.  They are eager to share their abundance of love for and knowledge of this unique island.


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  • El Hierro, Canary Islands

WORKSHOPS DATES to be announced

PRICE: Euro 3150



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